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2012年10月28日 星期日

What are Psychopath and Sociopath?

When Mrs. Webb is talking about Psychopath and Sociopath, I learned that Psychopath and Sociopath are all mentally things that people will do to one and another. BUT psychopath is more likely to mind, and sociopath is about social. Psychopath’s behavior is more like people that will think things in a very weird way. They think A LOT, but are ways that doesn’t make sense, where sociopath, it’s antisocial, people in this category.
Psychopath CARES about what people think of them when they do something, so every time when they do something, they will think a lot of results of what people will think of them, then they will do what they want to do.
Sometimes I feel like people will think I’m a psychopath, because I sometimes will think too much too, but AM I REALLY A PSYCHOPATH??  My mom always tell me to be careful when I’m outside or not beside them, she always tell me to think whether what my friends tell me to do is right or wrong, no matter is go to the library and read, eat stinky tofu in class, or take drugs. But I don’t think these thinking are psychopath, because there are normal thinking for me.

(by the way, Mrs. Webb is SO AWESOME!) extra credit??  hahahahaha XDD

2012年10月23日 星期二

vSAT #11

Longevity (n) – live long. When I look at this word at first, I feel like this word means long live, because it just looks like it, so I go to and search it, and guess what I find out!!??  YES! This word means live long. So of course, this word is easy for me to memorize.

Malevolent (adj) – evil, wanting to make people get it trouble. It’s a hard word to explain, but how I memorize this word is like this, separate them into 2 parts, which are male & violent, so then I can connect them to the definition evil.

Malignant (adj) – a disease. This word is kind of similar to malevolent, because they are all some kind of bad thing. I remember that when I first saw this word was last year in Mr. Harper’s Biology class, He taught us about Malignant Cancer and Benign Cancer. I actually don’t really have a way of memorizing it, because I know this word pretty well already.

Mandate (n) – command, authorize. When a “man” gave you a “date”, 80% will be that he command you, and give you a report to do. In this picture that I find, it’s representing a dentist that is wanting to fix a guy’s teeth, or maybe wanting to check if this kid have fever, but unfortunately, this kid refuse to open his mouth, and even the police came, so the police is commanding this kid to open his mouth.

Meme (n) – things happened and spread by a person in the past. Mama! Is the first word that I think of when I look at this word. How I memorize this word is very simple, but weird, IF my mom was the first person invented gangnam style, then she’ll be a lady that created a new thing that everyone will start to sing and dance.   (here’s a link of gangnam style)

Mundane (adj) – common, boring. What’s BORING?? Yes, it’s when there’s a traffic for 20 kilometers. So I found a cool picture of how this baby feel when he’s bored in his car. By the way, he’s so cute!

Nadir (n) – lowest point of something. Nadir Shah is a great example of this word, but I can’tthink of any connections between them, so I decide to not use this person from the story that we are reading right now, which is “The Kite Runner”. So I used a tennis player called Rafael Nadal, he’s the Top 3 player in the whole world, he always hits the ball fantastically, and he even can hit a ball well when the ball is very low to the ground, so I think he ROCKS! 

Nefarious (adj) – Evil. The second half of this word looks like furious which means ANRY! So when a person was hit or been abused by an evil person, then he must be angry, so that’s how I memorize and connect it!

Nepotism (n) – own relatives. Im not really sure what does this word mean, but I think this word means a relationship between a group, or our own relatives. How I memorize this word is link this word to Nephew, because I think it kind of looks like it, and the word nephew which means close relaitonship of mine’s.

Nonchalant (adj) – calm, indifferent. This word looks like non chat for me, so when a person is not chatting, then he/she might be calm and resting or doing homework, so that’s how I connect it!

2012年10月21日 星期日

vSAT #10!

Jargon (n) - words that are used by professional people, includes words that are not easy to understand. I separate this word into 2 parts, which are Jar and Gun; a gun is in a jar??? That’s really not easy to understand, so I’ll link it with his word, Jargon.

Jeopardy (n) - things that are dangerous to do, or things that needs to take a risk to do. I know this word very well is because Mr. Caldwell ALWAYS plays this game before a test, and this game IS a game that needs to take a risk to play, so it’s very easy to memorize this word! :D  

Jubilation (n) – very happy to win a thing by yourself or a team. This word, jubilation sounds like Jailbreak, when I jailbreak a team game, and I win it, I’ll be very happy! So I’ll connect this word with jailbreak. 

Judicious (adj.) – wisely to do something.  My mom is called Judy, which sounds like the first part of this word, she’s the best mom ever! She always do things wisely, and always will think carefully before she decide something.

Jurisdiction (n) – a legal decision of someone or something. The last part of this word sound like dictation, so when a high-class perosn dictates something, then that must be a legal decision of something

Kibosh (n) - NONSENCE! Saying things that are not the truth. In the story “The Crusible”, Abigail is LIER! Abigail always say thing that are not true, and say it in a way that EVERYONE believed! 

Laconic (adj.) – say something simple and easy, but still clearly state what he/she wants to say. This word sounds like a brand called Lancôme, which is a cosmetic brand, their product is simple and easy, and VERY useful!

Languish (v) - torment, very week, ordeal. Don’t you think this word sounds like Vanquish???  Well, I do. When a thing is going to vanquish, and disappear quickly, maybe its life, maybe it’s your career, you will be very week, because you might give up on yourself, and think you are no hope! So I brought a lady and have cancer, hope she can get better :/

Largesse (n) – nice, and generous. One of my friend’s name is Jesse, which sounds like gesee “geea see”, so It’s actually very easy for me to memorize this word.

Lethargy (n) – feeling sleepy, dizzy. I know this word already, so I brought a cooooool picture!!  In this picture, this guy is very tired, which represents lethargy!

2012年10月14日 星期日

vSAT #9!!

 Impute (v)– a property. Maybe attribute is a better synonym for impute?? Anywazz, how I memorize this word is like this, I separate this word into 2 parts, one is “in” and one is “put”, so I kind of think of put in, like put it back, which is like attribute something.
Incompatible (adj)– to NOT fit with something. “In” means not, and compatible means to not fit with something. APPLE iPhone 5 is the first incompatible thing that came into my head; the USB charger, it was a 30-pin cable, but now, it’s 8! I feel like it’s very stupid to change the size of it, because we need to buy more 8-pin cable or adapters to charge our phone.

Inconsequential (adj)– irrelevant, nothing do with the subject that we are talking about right now. “in” means no, “con” mostly means together, so when 2 things are not together, then they must be some kind of incompatible, or irrelevant, so that’s how I memorize this word! 

 Inevitable (adj)– no ways to stop a thing or a situation. The movie “Unstoppable” is a inevitable movie, it’s a movie that’s talking about a train that’s unstoppable, but the main character of this movie is trying to avoid that train to affect or hurt anyone that’s innocent.

Inflation (n)– to increase the prize of something. First word that came into my mind, YUP! It’s infraction sheet, I just got one from Ms. Hannah, because I was speaking Chinese -_______-   I HATE infraction sheets, just like I HATE inflation, so I’ll connect these 2 words together whenever I looked at it.

Innocuous (adj)– harmless, non-toxic. How we say this word is in out q lus, so I’ll think of when a thing or anything that goes in and out functionally, then I must be a perfect thing, which ill connect it to harmless and non-toxic.

Integrity (n)– honesty. The very first part and the very last part of this word is “in” and grity” which sounds like greedy, so I’ll think of a person is in (which means not) greedy, then that must be an honest guy!

Intrepid (adj)– fearless.  When you want to take a picture in a place that’s dangerous, you need to have a “tripod” (which sounds like in”trepid”) to hold your camera, and keep you fearless about whether the camera will drop or not! (I’m creative, I know XDDDD)

Intuitive (adj)– In Taiwan, we call this NO.6 feeling, which is a feeling or thought that first come into our mind when we look at something. 

Ironic (adj)– sarcasm!!!! I DISLIKE irony people, but there are LOTS of people that always will make some sarcasm jokes which are not funny at all. The way I memorize this word is like this! I’ll use “iron” to burn them if they make fun of me! Haha XDD

2012年10月7日 星期日

Big Win Day 5!!! :'(

Day 5, I lied on my bed until the morning, because i really didn’t know what to do, I was crying beside my bed, thinking instead of be acting so show off, I should donate the money to the church first, and save the money, then maybe me and my family might won’t have this kind of bad situation. Well… I really got nothing to do, and I only have 23 minutes left, so I took the taxi to Taipei arena, waiting for the bad guys. I got off the taxi, and stared in front of Taipei Arena. 

EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! A car screeched right in front of me breaking so hard that the car's wheel even burned. A Man pulled me into the car, covered my eyes with something black and spicy! They drove at least 2 hours up to a mountain place, and took my parents out of the other car, the bad guys counted the money that I had left, they were not happy, because that’s not the amount of money that they wanted, I heard screaming, torturing, and yelling out of the car, after 3 minutes, the bad guys took me out of the car, took the black and spicy thing out of my eyes, and I WAS SHOCKED! The only thing that I saw were 4 limbs laying on the ground, I can’t even imagine that this will happen, this really hurt my feelings, and I can’t stand this anymore, so I ran as fast as I can and jump down from the cliff, die with my parents… 

2012年10月6日 星期六

Big Win Day 4

Saturday morning, I was very happy because my family and I will receive the money; I really didn't want to go to the tutor school, but my mom said that she will go to the bank and get it for me, so I went to the tutor happily. At lunchtime, my mom went to the tutor and told me that she got the money and showed me the money, it was just so cool! So I decided to start to buy things that I like very much, which are every iDevices, 4 Visvim bags and 8 shoes, and at least 50 Abercrombie t-shirts and pants. It was 11:00 P.M. I went to Jonathan Chiao's house and played with him the whole night; I was so excited and happy, and I already spent 200000NTD. 

3:00A.M.  MMMMMMMM…. MMMMMMMM.... MMMMMMM.... I feel the vibration that’s coming out of my phone when I was still playing mahjong at his house.

HEY! YOUR MOM AND DAD ARE WITH ME RIGHT NOW. YOU HAVE 12 HOURS TO DO THIS! PREPARE 1500000NTD AND PUT IT AT THE NORTH DOOR OF TAIPEI ARENA’S, AND IF YOU CALL THE POLICE......... YOU WILL KNOW IT!!! I jumped out of my bed, so I quickly got the money; when I finished counting the money, I found out I just have 780000NTD, because I already spent 220000NTD on things that I like and foods, I don’t have the bad people’s telephone number, and I just have 10 hours left, HOW CAN I GET 7200000NTD  FROM MY FRIENDS?!?!?! IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!! I REALLY GOT NOTHING TO DO!!

2012年10月5日 星期五

Big Win Day 3

Day 3, Friday morning, it was a day like before, but I was keeping an eye on the winning numbers of the lottery! Because I heard that the money of lottery’s award has raised to 1,000,000NTD!! At night, I was excited and waiting for the news to tell me the lottery numbers! 8:00P.M.!!! The lottery news started! I was so afraid that I will either win or lose, so I told my mother to check it for me, but she didn’t really want to do it for me, because she still thinks it’s a bad idea to keep other people’s thing. Meanwhile I was still nervous that I will either win it or lose it, because it’s 1000000NTD!!

"KEVIN!!!" mom shouted.

"……what…………" I replied.

"TELL MAMA THE TRUTH!!  WHERE DID YOU GET THIS LOTTERY??" mom cried with a shocking sound.

"Well… near our school" I answered.

"LIAR!!! BECAUSE YOU GOT ALL THE NUMBERS RIGHT!!!" mom shouted with discredit feelings. 


"NO!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT KIDDING" mom shouted again!

I quickly ran to my mother, and MAN, I WON THE LOTTERY!!!

I WON 1000000NTD!!!! I was jumping around in my house, can’t even stop, because I was just too happy to win this lottery, but I have to wait until the next day to get the money from the government.

Finishing "The Pearl"

1. After Kino leaves Juana and Coyotito, he went to the trackers, but then the trackers decide to fire its gun, Kino was scared, so He stabbed one of the tracker, and then shoot another tracker right after it.

2. When they return to the town, they were actually not really happy, because they have experienced all those bad things, so when they came back to the town, Kino went to the beach, and threw the pearl back to the sea, but that pearl was really not a good thing, it's making his life worse....

3. It was a sad ending for me, Kino and Juana were DEFEATED! they were seriously sad when they got back to town; the pearl made them sick, at last, Coyotito was even chased by the thieves, and even get killed, Their parents told him to throw the pearls away, because it was really causing too much troubles. They even want to sale the Pearl, because they know it's a very expensive pearl, but  the salesman lied to them, said that the pearl was fake. Fortunately Kino and his brother knew the pearl was authentic,  so they didn't sold it to the salesman, and went to find other salesman in the city  looking for better prices to sell their pearl.

2012年10月4日 星期四

Big Win Day 2

Today is Thursday, I woke up at 7:00 as usual; I ate my boring breakfast in my house today, then I went to the place that Tim Kao and I meet every morning for taxi to school, i was bored on the taxi, because Tim Kao was sleeping, so of course, I’m bored, looking at the sunshine which is bored like usual, cool winds blowing towards me, birds flying in the sky, ants crawling in the taxi which was gross, cars passing fast though us, and babies dripping their saliva on their mama’s shirt! After school I hung out with David Lin, we took pictures all around the school. A strong wind blew against us, and a white little paper hit my face, I took it down from my face, and found out it was a lottery sheet with numbers on it already! Well, I was excited, because I got a free lottery sheet. When I went home, I told my mother about this story, and she said I shouldn't pick up the sheet, because that belongs to other people, but i didn't listen to her, and I kept it. 

2012年10月3日 星期三

Big Win Day 1

Dear Diary: 
Today is Wednesday, I woke up in the morning and felt the sunlight shining into my windows. The A.C. was nice and cool in my bedroom with and beautiful skies appearing out there; Yep! It's another plane and usual. Got off my bed, brushed my teeth and washed my face, I grabbed my iPad and my bag then I left my house. Tim Kao was waiting for me at the breakfast shop waiting for me to buy breakfast first, then we took a take taxi to school together, When we arrived at Chientan, we again went to go to 7-11, because Tim Kao brought to buy water everyday, then we walked into TAPA around 8:09A.M.!

Class started, I ate my breakfast in Mr.Caldwell's class, I was very sleepy, because I did my homework and studying for my SAT until 4:00A.M., “WHY DID THE EUROPEANS TREAT THE NATIVE AMERICANS BADLY?" Mr. Caldwell cried. I woke up by his loud voice, and didn't even dare to sleep again in the next 70 minutes. During lunch time, I went to eat "China Ah-Hua noodle" with shrimp, pork, and squid in it, and "China Sterbooks's chocolate ice blended", and of course the class starts at 12:15, so I got back to school, "5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BELL RING!" Tony shouted when school ended, I left the school tiredly, hoping to have a bed right outside the school, so I could sleep right away, chatted with the guard for around 50 minutes, and I went back to my house by bus, then ran into my bedroom then lay there like a dead person.  After an hour or so, I woke up, because I still had lots of Mr. Caldwell's, Mr. Webb's, and Mr. Casey's HW to do, after that, I rested again, so I turned on my computer, then start to read the best book ever on earth, which is called "Facebook", but unfortunately, it was same as the other days, nothing cool, nothing special, EVERY post is about love, how a girl was ditched by a guy, blah blah, blah. So I continue to do my homework until 12:00A.M., then I called it a day!

vSAT #8!!!

 Gregarious (adj) – to be social. I like people that are very sociable, and I find out that people that looks better have more friends than the people that looks ugly… so when I look at this word, I will think of the word gorgeous; anyone looks gorgeous will have more friends, therefore, they will more sociable! :D

Hackneyed (adj) – very not fresh. How I memorize this word is like this: I’ll separate this word into 2 parts, one is hack, and one is neyed, I don’t know why this word just looks like garden for me -_____-   I HATE people that “hack” into my “garden”, so if anyone goes into my garden, I will put some not fresh fruits to punish them, either they step on it, or smell the rotten smell of it.

Harbinger (n) –things that was predicted. This word looks like hamburger to me, so i'll connect to it. And i connect it like this, i predict that i'll eat hamburger later in lunch.

Haughty (adj) – pride, arrogant. There's a singer called Chris Daughtry, which his last name looks like haughty, so how i memorize this word is i'll think that Chris Daughtry is a person that's haughty, which means that he prides a lot!

Hedonist (n) – people that just know how to play. i know this word already, so i brought a picture!! :D

Hegemony (n) -  having different levels of power, especially by one group or country. The first half part of hegemony sounds like the word "edge" for me, so if ur in a high edge of something, then u will be hegemony. that's how i memorize it.

Hubris (n) – brag! Thinking that he/she’s the best. i feel like this word is similar to haughty, and it's hard for me to know their differences, because they are all pride, so i still brought a cooooool pic of hubris! 

(by the way, i LOVVVVVVE this face) 

Hypocrite (n) – to fake up, and be a guy that complains a lot. DON'T be a hypocrite, because people hates it. I had a friend that's a hypocrite, if people did something wrong, he will go tell teacher, so my friend gave him a anonymous which is "hypo crap"  and that's seriously how i memorize this word… 

Impetuous (adj) – to rush, being a rude guy. This word looks like Impolite for me, so i will use the word impolite to connect to impetuous.

 Impunity (n) – a guy that did something wrong, but was not being punished. In Punish is how i memorize this word!  easy and quick!!