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2012年9月26日 星期三

SAT!! #7

Extenuating <adj> – it’s excusable, cut down guilt’s.  I was NOT a good boy when I was young, I do wrong things every minute, but every time when I say sorry, then my mom or dad will decrease the punishments, so I found a gif of extenuating! 

Fallacy <n> - FAILING!!  Or wrong belief.   I know this word already, so I brought a cooooool gif!  

Fascism <n> - a governmental system that’s ruled by supreme leader. Fascism sounds like false them, so when I think of this word, I’ll think of Fascism, which are false leaders that’s very supereme!

Firmament <n> - the sky and heaven. Firmament is the Sky in the bible, I remember that I heard this word from Mr. Norton’s Religion 2 class, and this word means sky. 

Fortuitous <adj> - accidental, lucky, by chance. Fearious, is the first word that come into my brain when I see this word, this GIF that I found is a really cool one, because it’s REALLY VERY fearious! The car almost bump the man that’s walking on the sidewalk!

Frugal <adj> - saving, being economical. When I look at this word, the first thing I will think of is the word “fragal” means easy to break, so if I want to save money, then I must not break any fragal things, or else I need to pay for it!

 Furlough <n> - vacation. Furlough sounds like “for laugh”, so when will we have laughters??  Of course it’s when we are having fun in a vacation, so when I think of this word, I’ll think of vacation!

Fungible <adj> - alternative, can be replaced. Obama CAN be replaced if he did a bad job! 

Genocide <n> - it’s like the Holocaust, which KILLS lots of people! This word was stuck in my brain, because we had focused on this topic for 9 weeks last year, It’s a really terrible war, I dislike it VERY much. 

Germane <adj> - closely relationship, related. I know this word already, so I found a picture that’s related to each other.

2012年9月25日 星期二


First, Paranoia means think toooooooooo much, and you won’t trust ANYONE. Well, Kino was acting paranoia, he’ll do anything to protect and hid the pearl. He tried to hid it in a secret place, but he felt that hiding it over there was not safe enough, so he hid it under his bed, and being a paranoia guy, thinking people will come and steal the pearl. And his “dream came true!!!”, people came to steal the pearl, and of course, Kino won, and those thieves lost, he was prepared that thieves will come, so he was awake when those bad guys came.

Being a guy that will think a lot and observe a lot is a great thing to do, but don’t be a paranoia person, it’s toooooooo over!!

2012年9月19日 星期三


Exasperation(n) - irritated, angry. I know this word already,but I found a LOL GIF picture of what I will do if I’m angry! :D

Enmity (n) – blame on someone, dislike a person. This word just looks so alike enemy for me! So if a guy is my enemy, then I will blame him, and DISLIKE him!

Epitome(n) - perfect example of something. As this picture shows, this lady that wears black tells the blue, lady that she's perfect, but i don't know what did that blue lady do, but i believe it's something PERFECT!!

Emulate(v)– follow the example, simulation. This word makes me think of the wordsimulate, which means the copy, and imitate, so that’s how I memorize it.

Exemplary(adj) – model of something, being the best. YOU GOOD! 'EX'CELLENT 'PLAY'!

Esoteric(adj) – mysterious. This word sounds like “is tear it”. There will be no mysteriousif you tear the gift. So of course, your parents will not let you tear thegift, or else there will be no mysterious, then your face will become likethis.

Enhance(v) – improve, make brighter, upgrade. The first time that I saw this word isin iPhoto, there’s a buttom that says enhance, at first, I didn’t kow what doesit mean, then I try to press it, and I find out that the picture got brighterand more clear, so I guess it’s improving the quality of the picture. Then Isearched this word, and find out im right! Cool picture of enhance!!

Ephemeral(adj) – short-lived. Life istooooooooo short! Gotta protect our dreams, and do what we want to do!

Epic(n) – a long poem about actions of great men or women’s history. I don’t reallyknow how to memorize this word, so I kind of make it up. If a person writes a great thing thathe or his friends did in the past, then I think it’s an epic fail, because peoplewon’t actually do that.

Enervating(v) – very weak, tired. Ener is part of the letters in the word Energy, so thisword is about “ener”gy “va”nquish,which means energy, is beaten. Soit’s tired and weak.

2012年9月11日 星期二

English ll Whiteboards Pop Quiz Kevin Chien's 100% Quiz.

  1. Normalizing - a standardization, return to normal.
  2. Source - it's a starter or a origin, that pulls the model into action.Message - it's a communication between man and man, but the important of it is not if the conversation make sense, but if the words are sent out and recieved.
    Receiver - a guy that needs to be like a receptor, which receives another person's information.
    3. Iceberg - its a principle
    4. Suspension of disbelief - a guy that wants to enjoy his life, and to STOP HIS CRITICAL FACULTIES, then believe in things that don't have any logic.
    5. Metamorphosis means to change, and I think the "change" in this story is that when Gregor changed into a tremendous cockroach looking thing, which looks gross. 


Diatribe – (n) to abuse someone orally, and libel them.“DIA” sounds like pig in Taiwanese, so I’ll use pig tribe to memorize this word.

by the way, we shouldn't diatribe other people, its mean and rude!

Disenfranchised – (v) deprive privileges that are right.“Dis” “French” when the government dislike French people, then they will deprive privileges. (This thinking might be wrong, but that’s how I memorizethis word, because I cant think of other connections…

Elucidate – (v) make things clear. I choose this picture isb ecause that I think when a person wants to make things clear, then he/sheneeds to look like that cat, so his/her friends or classmates will believe inhim/her more.

Empathy – (n) care and know people’s feeling in a mental way. Hold each other’s hands, figure out the problems together.

there are many ways to car about other people, and feel their feelings, but i think that holding hands and talk together is the best way of empathy.

Divergent – (adj) separate, variant. When you “Dive” “urgent” into the water, then the water will divergent, and variant. i think this picture is cool, because it's GIF, and it's D I V E that are diving into the water, and it actually does have a little divergent when the letters fall in to the water

Digression – (v) out of topic. I know this word already, soI don’t want to crash my brain for this word, so I brought a cute picture!! :D

Diligent – (adj) In this picture, this guy is very hard working, I'll think of intelligent when I think of this word.

Disdain – (v) been scorn or been forgotten. I know this word already, but I found a cool GIF that expresses this word!

Eclectic – (adj) varies of sources. I choose this picture is because i think that this word looks like electic, and electic can come from lots of different sources, solar, wind, water...etc

Discredit – (v) to not believe in someone. I’ll think ofdecrease credit of a person, and then I’ll not believe him/her.

2012年9月4日 星期二

SAT Words!!

Correlation – (n) the connection between 2 things, or same relationship between 2 people. I know this word already, so I found a picture of how I connect to this picture! :DDD

Compromise - (n) well… I know this word already, so I really don’t know what should I write about it. BUT I added a cute and funny picture!! It’s pretty funny for me. :DD

Convergence – (n) everything come together from difference places or directions. This word make me think of emergency; when im in a emergency, everything will come to me.

Crescendo – (n) a word that means getting louder, mostly seen in piano books.  DISLIKE THIS GUY (if you don’t know him, you should check him out! He’s………………….. very “amazing”

Deluge – (n) flood, lots of water. Make me connects to huge. Huge water that’s coming!! (Huge water?? I know, it doesn’t make sense, but you get my meaning!! :D)

Deleterious – (adj) causing damage. Make me think of delight serious, a person that delights serious things are mostly not cool and 80% will cause damage.

Demagogue – (n) a leader that want to be powerful. In now days, lots of political leaders are like this, I sometimes feel sad for them, but it’s how the way it is~ :/

Condescending – (adj) being superior, and don’t give a crap of something. How I memorize this word is that I break down words, “de” means to decrease and etc, but I want to make it means negative over here. So when a person is sending a negative message is NOT cool! And make people feel ill. So it’s conde“sending”.

Conformist – (n) a person that accept things. I’ll break down the words and connect to this word.  A Comfortable Ms..  means that she’s comfortable with everything. ( in this picture is comfortable Mr. )

Conditional – (adj) with requirements. I know this word too, so I’ll put a picture describe this word!