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2012年1月22日 星期日

Human and Person

Are Human and Person the same? People might think Person and Human are the same; they’re just named differently, just like my mom, when I went home, I asked my mom, can you tell me the differences between people and human? And she was like, WHAT?!?! Is that a funny trick question? And I also asked my dad, he said: “aren’t they just named differently, but having the same meaning? But I don’t think they are the same. In the dictionary, the definition of “human” is of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or having the nature of people: human frailty. And the word “people” means a human being, whether man, woman, or child: The table seats four persons. For me, to be a human, but not a man is NOT have a human look body, but having a thought of man that’s inside it. Since I’m a cartoon watcher, I’m going to use some examples from the cartoons. Just like Shrek, Simpson family, toy stories…etc. all of these cartoons do not have the body shape of a “human”, but have the thought of “person”. If we use an example on human beings, it’s actually quite easy. We are all “person”, but if we are doing things that are very very evil or disrespecting God, then we are NOT “HUMAN”.

2012年1月18日 星期三

Kevin Chien version of “The Gift of Magi”

This story happened in 11/02/1971, which was the year that Bob and Irene got married. He was the boss of the biggest computer company in Taiwan; he was a guy that can earn a million NTD in a minute! But unfortunately her wife named Irene was a woman who could spend $500000NTD in a second! Therefore, he needed to earn lots of money for them to spend. Bob likes cars, so he bought so 3 Lamborghinis, 2 Ferraris, 3 Aston Martins, and 1 Bugatti! But he was too busy working, so he had no time to drive!

1 year later, Bob went to a supercar race that was specially created for all of the rich racers on this world, he was so excited, because he finally had a chance to choose a car to drive from his car exposition, so of course, he chose Bugatti, for this international race that it’s going to start later in the afternoon!
3! 2! 1! GO! RUMMMM RUMMMM RUMMMMMMMMMMM! NO.3 Ferrari drove like a bullet, so fast! NO.4 Porsche was right at NO.3’s butt! AHH! NO.4 Porsche overtook NO.3 Ferrari! NO.1, NO.2, and NO.5, you guys got to be faster! Because the end of the race is going to come! Bob NO.5 of course couldn’t lose this race, because he was driving in a $100000000NTD car! So he pushes hard to the accelerator, running in 7000RPM, 1001horsepower, and 395KM/H! PUEUUUUUU!! WATCH OUT!! GEEEEEEEEEE BANG!!!! Bob NO.5’s Bugatti crashed… and it’s all because of one of the audience threw nails onto the track, so that his car’s wheels popped! Bob crashed into the wall.  Bob was sent to the hospital by the ambulance, the doctor said that both of his legs’ bones and his neck were broken, and it was very hard to heal. So of course, this world was very cruel, even though he is the boss of the company, but now, he’s a handicap guy, so he lost his job.  Irene was so sad, and the only way that she could feel better was to spend money, she kept spending and spending, very soon, all the money were spent.
19 years later, Bob still couldn’t work, so his wife needs to work for him in this 19 years, but his wife had no education, no company will want her, the only thing that she had was the beautiful long hair that she had not cut for 3 years, but it’s useless, because it couldn’t help her to earn more money, so she only can sale flower on the road, earning 30NT~50NT/HR, they were just so poor, the only thing that they had was their house, and some little worthless belongings.

Her wife suddenly found out today was their 20th year anniversary!  But she had 240NTD that she saved from the past 3 weeks, so she thought of buying a phone cover for his husband, because his husband always will accidentally drop his phone on the floor; when she went home, Bob was not in the house, Irene kept calling Bob, but Bob did not turn on his cell phone, well… Irene was worried, but she needed to buy a phone cover for her husband before today! So she went to the phone shop, and the shopkeeper said the phone cover needs 300NTD, so the only thing that she have now was the beautiful long hair that she had, so she went to barber and cut her hair, then went back to the store to bought the phone cover.  When she got home, her husband was home too; he was shocked, because his wife cut her hair, he gave her the gift that he prepared, and her wife gave him the gift too, when they opened the gifts, they looked at each other, because the both gave each other a very interesting gift, which were a hairpin and a phone cover, and they couldn’t use it now, Bob sold his cell phone, so he had money to buy the hairpin, and Irene sold her hair, so she could buy the phone cover for him, they laughed, because they didn’t except that either of them will sold out the most important thing for them, and bought a gift for each other.
Bob said, “My love for you is a journey, starting at ever, evening at never, even though I’m handicapped, but I still love you forever.”  Irene cried, they hugged, and went out for dinner together.

2012年1月10日 星期二

Three Things that I learned in English 2!!

Last semester when I was in Mr. Bennett’s class, he said that we have to have two spaces after the period. When I went to Princeton Review in the last summer vacation, the teacher over there told me that we can only have one space after the period; Because he said that if you put two spaces after the period, it will kind of look like a tab, and of course, if you put a tab after the period, it’s actually not right. And I also believe that we only need one space after the period. (If we don’t have tab on our devices, pressing space five times will work too.)

I remember that we discussed “Oxford comma” in Mr. Webb’s class. Oxford Comma is the 2nd comma that is after the word “And” 
For example: I like to eat grape, beef jerky, and pancake. This sentence means
I like to eat
1.     1. Grape
2.     2. Beef jerky
3.     3. Pancake
But if we didn’t add the oxford comma into that sentence, it will become I like to eat
1.     1. Grape
2.     2. Beef jerky and pancake
That sentence will become I like to eat grape, and beef jerky with pancake; And seriously… that sounds disgusting.
So we need to use the punctuation marks properly, or else it

 will be very weird and funny.

Last thing that I learn is
When we need to write numbers into our paragraphs, how should we write it?
For example: how do we write 720? Should we write it in numeric form or in word form?
The correct answer is writing it in numeric form!
Any number that is more than or include three words NEED to write it in numeric form.