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2011年11月26日 星期六

Chapter 92 Leap of Faith

Leaf of faith, which is something that is not proved yet.
In the book, Pi is in a very very dangerous place, weird creatures, so he was scared and wanted to leave this island as soon as possible
The coolest and most interesting is that when Pi climb up a tree, found a round object that looks tasty, so when Pi eats it, he saw a complete set of teeth of a human’s, he suddenly found out that this land was a CARNIVOROUS LAND!!!
He’s really wanted to leave this island as soon as possible, but there was no way, so he think for a while, and figure out that he won’t be eaten.

Boat=God Island=No God

People forget God very easily, especially when we think that we are cool enough to don’t need God. People usually think of God when they need help, or in a dangerous situation, and this is not something that we should do. We can’t be selfish, by just praying because we need something, this is really not right, and also very disrespectful!
Pi was a very faithful and nice believer, but sometimes he will forgot God, for example, Pi found this very nice island, he totally forgot God, he didn’t even pray or thank him for letting him found this land.

With God!

Without GOD?!?!?!?!