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2011年9月25日 星期日

The Unbelievable Story!!

9/9, my birthday that night, my family and me went to a very expensive restaurant for dinner, when we went into that restaurant, the boss was standing out there welcoming us, we sat down, the boss said can order the Combination A Set Meal, which includes steak, shark fin, bird’s nest, lobster, and Japan Scallops and it costs $9999 for each person; well, my dad said ok, so he ordered 3 for himself, my mom and me!
10 minutes later, the lobster came first, it was so tasty, tender, and juicy, but the size was so small, only...80g, then it’s the lobster, it came from Boston, it was not big, but it’s so fresh and tasty, then comes the shark fin soup, it was so delicious,  I really feel sorry for the sharks, and hated the people that killed the sharks, but I still enjoyed eating it, so it’s kind of weird, the Japan scallop was so tremendous, very soft, you can just suck it in your mouth without even chewing them, last it’s the bird’s nest with dates, it’s sweet in a natural way, and tasty too.
When we finish this meal, it was 10:30 P.M. already, we stood up from our chairs, the boss was happy that we enjoyed it, and kept saying thank you, when we are almost walking outside the restaurant, I stopped.
Kevin: Dad, did you pay yet?
Dad: No
Kevin: Then shouldn’t you go pay it?
Dad: Nah, I don’t want to.
Kevin: What?!?!
Boss: Yeah! Today night I PAY! Because it’s your BIRTHDAY!!           
Kevin: …………………………. T…h…a…n...k…s…
Boss: No Problem!

I still didn’t know the truth until now… but I think my dad did pay it……

2011年9月17日 星期六

2 Motorists Assess Damages After a Crash


Tom .

Scene: Jeff and Tom were good brothers. They went out for a ride on their new motor bike and met bad temper Bob.
Jeff: (Calling Tom) Hey brother! Wanna go out for a ride on Yang-ming Mountain tomorrow?
Tom: Yeah sure, how about 10:00 in the morning, meeting in front of Shi-Lin night market.
Jeff: Ok, see you there!
Jeff: (Calling Tom)Morning, my brother! Hey, I’m still checking the tire pressure of my baby, I might be late for 10 to 15 minutes.
Tom: Sure, take your time; I’ll be waiting for you there.
Jeff: (Hung up)
Tom: What the heck?!
Jeff: (Calling Tom) Hey, I’m in front of Shi-Lin night market, where are you?
Tom: Oh, sorry I’m at the “Ji-Pai” station, I’ll be there as soon as the lady pull out my “Ji-Pai” from the pot.
Jeff: Thought we are suppose to meet in front of Shi-Lin night market? Why are you there getting “Ji-Pai”? By the way, since you are there, get one for me.
Tom: (Spinning eyeballs) Okay…
Tom. (Rum.mmm….rum rum….sound of his Harley-Davidson)
Jeff: I can hear your engine sound, were close!
Tom: (looked back and saw Jeff) Yoyo! Right here!!
Jeff: Yo! Man, long time no see, how are you(gives Tom a hug)
Tom: I’m doing great, glacious!
Jeff: (Chuckled) You still remember Spanish that was tought from Mr. Nestor!
Tom: O, yeah…
Jeff: So, you want to talk about the route we are doing later?
Tom: Sure!
Jeff: So my plan is to go up the mountain, pass by TAAS, TES, Yang Ming Shan Big Clock, have lunch over there, then ride down the mountain in the same route, sounds cool??
Tom: Yes sir! Lets get warmed up
Jeff: (Attached the key on his bike, turned it clock wise and turned the throttle...Rum...mmmmm..Rum)
Tom: Did you adjust the hight of your pipe? The sound of your engine sounds deeper.
Jeff: Ohh, yes, I changed it last week.
Tom: hey! lets race, whoever can go to the top of the mountain faster is the winner!
Jeff: Woooooo! Sounds interesting! LET'S DO IT!
Jeff: 3, 2, 1 GO!
Jeff: Did you accidently scratch that Honda that you just pasted by??
Tom: I don't think so.....
Jeff: But.... Look in back of you
Tom: Shoot! Why is that Honda chasing us?!
Bob: BA BA BA!!Get off your your scrape metal!!!

Bob: Why on earth did you scratch my baby? HUH?
Tom: Did I? (with a questioning face)
Bob: COME OVER HERE! (finger pointing at the scratch)
Tom: I did not scratch your baby OK?!?!
Bob: Ohh…Yes, you did
Tom: No, I did not
Bob: Yes, you did!!
Tom: No, I didn't!!
Bob: YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME? (Fist pointing to Tom’s face)
Tom: Yeah sure! BRING IT ON!!LOSER!!
Jeff: Woahh…What’s going on right here?
Bob: Your dude scratched my bike and said he didn’t (Finger dialing on his cell phone to his friends)
Jeff: Common, act like a man, don’t just call your brothers to help you solve this kind of problem.
Bob: (Talking on the phone: “Line one please”) Listen up ya’ll. A dude scratched my bike on the way up Yang-Ming mountain. And says he did not do it. Bring some people up here and lets finish him.
Tom: Hey, whoever you are. 10minutes past, and…where are your "brothers"?!?!?!
Bob: its ok, you can be even more arrogant, later you’ll know the consequence of  making me angry.
(21 people motor bike's engine sound getting closer and closer)
Why did you mess up with my bro? (getting out baseball bats from their bikes)
Tom: (look at Jeff) Time to leave? (within a silent voice)
Jeff: I think so!!
KIANG! KIANG! BANG!  (Tom fell off of his bike)
(All the bag guys started to hit him with their baseball bats, and of course, Tom's bike too! Even though Jeff is a picky man, but he has a great heart, so he came to help his best friend Tom too)
Jeff: No.... I just want to say sorry for him.
Bob: If sorry works, then what is all the polices on this earth doing?!?!
Jeff: FINE!! I will pay for that scratch part!
Bob: Good~ if you said it earlier, your friend will not be beaten up by us~
Jeff: they left already, and I paid 12000NTD to them...
Tom: Sorry Jeff, this was going to be a happy trip, but because of me, this trip became so bad, and now everyone include them are angry and sad.....
Jeff: It's ok!! Still friends?? ( As he is reaching out his hands, pulling up Tom from the ground.)
Tom: Yes..... (cried)

2011年9月10日 星期六

Chapter 6!!!!!!!

Everybody wanted the pearl. Kino was so afraid, Because of the bad guys that wanted the pearl, so he went to a mountain and live in a small cave. Sadly Coyotito died by fighting with the bad guys. Their parents were so sad, and decided to throw the pearl away. I didn't actually expect that Kino will die and their parents will throw the pearl away

, and I think it's a very sad ending.

2011年9月6日 星期二

The Video!!

This Lady in the video is very brilliant. Most people thinks that boys are better than the girls, because boys can do more things than the girls do, but this lady tells us that everyone should be equal, boys are not better than girls, and girls are not better then boys. Every job could be done by either sex, just the percentages if sex are different.

Chapter 5

Juana wanted to throw the pearl away, because she thought the pearl brought  bad lucks to them. But Kino stole it away from her, became to a half god half angry guy. When they wanted to go back to their house, they were shocked, they saw their house was on fire. Fortunately, Coyotito was fine. So at last, they went to Tomas's house to take a break, and promise to leave as soon as possible!