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2011年8月29日 星期一

If I Won One Million, What Will I Do??

Kevin Chien
English 2

If I have one million, I will donate money first, then I will first buy a car, it might be a Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghini or a Bentley, because these are all my dream cars. Then I will buy a house that’s in the county side, big, designed very beautifully, and have a tennis court, because I don’t like places that are noisy and crowded, so I would like to live in the country side. Third, I want to buy a better camera, then go travel all around a world, with my friends. And last thing that I would want to do if I won one million is to run an international photography show, because I like to take pictures and run an international photograph show is my dream since when I was young.

2011年8月25日 星期四

Chapter 3

One day Coyotito didn't really feel good, so he went to the doctor, he doctor didn't like him a lot, so of course, the doctor didn't gave him the medicine.the pearl was just making too much trouble, I read the whole story already, at least, Coyotito was even chased by the thieves, and even be killed, so Their parents told him to throw the pearls away, because it was really causing too much troubles.

2011年8月21日 星期日

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

    Which computer company is the best in this whole world? Is it Asus? Is it Acer? Is it Benq? Or is it Apple? In my own side of view, I think Apple is the best company in the world, because it has the best technique, everyone cooperates very well in Apple, and it’s very easy and fun, so today I am going to tell you the advantages and the disadvantages of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and I’m going to tell you why people choose Apple even though their prize are a lot higher.

    First, let’s talk about the similarities of both laptops. They are all made by the same recyclable material; they all have 8~9 hours strong battery; these two computers’ coolest place is that you can use Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 on it, so you can enjoy the convenient, fun technology and you also can play the games that only supports Windows on Apple too. Apple doesn’t need any antivirus system, because any virus can’t kill Apple, so that’s why Apple’s products are so expensive.
        Second, I am going to tell you the disadvantages of these. The biggest differences between them is the weight, three MacBook Air’s weight equal to one MacBook Pro, the advantage is that it’s life, so it’s very convenient, but the disadvantage is that MacBook Air can’t do lots of things on it.  The prices are very different too, MacBook Air is only 35000NTD or above, but MacBook Pro is 57900NTD or above. MacBook Air has a newer system is called the Lion OS X, and the screen has a HD screen that MacBook Pro don’t have, so both have their benefits.
       Apple is a great product. a lot of people love it. Even though Apple is very expensive, but I will still use it, because like I said in the previous paragraph, Apple has a lot of good stuff in it, maybe someone will think that Apple is expensive, the functions are also same as Windows, and it’s useless. BUT actually you’re wrong, because Apple is just good as Lamborghini, best quality, best designer, and best looking…etc. so you should totally buy Apple too!
        If you let me choose to buy MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, I will totally choose MacBook Pro, because it has a better quality CPU, motherboard, camera…etc. Even though it’s more expensive and heavier, I will still buy it.


To want other people's thing is a kind of sin, because in the bible it says, we shouldn't steal, or be jealous of other people, even though other people has a Ferrari or live in a 1 trillion house, we still shouldn't covet other people's things. And we also should only believe in our only God, we cant have other idols before Him!